Relax Bay Resort Koh Lanta Krabi Thailand Information

Relax Bay Resort Koh Lanta Krabi Thailand Information

Relax Bay Resort Koh Lanta Krabi Thailand

Eskilstuna : Best place to be

As soon as you drive down the hill, you really feel you enter a world of nature, the staff and the manager came to welcome us, we sat in the comfy sofa while writing our registration, got a nice cool drink, and then.... the bungalow was has mentioned on the web, the food terrific, and our stay memorable. You need information, just ask at the reception or the manager, they will provide you all you need.

Relax Bay Resort Koh Lanta KrabiSarah : An ideal eco beach resort, beautiful scenery and amazing restaurant

One of my favourite resorts in Koh Lanta, Relax bay is tucked away with it's own private beach with beautiful bungalows with windows looking out to the waves crashing outside.
The food is excellent and if you are looking for a quiet relaxing break away from crowds this is the perfect place for you.

Relax Bay Resort Koh LantaKeith : Relaxation for the second time, would recommend!

This is the second time that I have stayed at Relax bay and I wasn't dissapointed! My partner and I stayed in one of the family beach bungalows on the hill, which was perfect.The gardens are fantastic and very well kept, the restaurant may be a little bit expensive for Koh Lanta but the food is delicious. I found the staff to be really helpful and happy and the bar in the evening was a good place to sit by a fire sipping Chang Beer and to watch the lightening show, very chilled. There are other bars on the beach that you can wander to and if you hire a bike or catch a tuk tuk at the top of the road there are plenty of places to eat. We were also very grateful to the Boss who drove us at immense speed to meet our Ferry in Saladan, which we unfortunately missed due to our travel guy at the top of the road not booking a driver to collect us. A valiant effort and almost another night in Relax Bay which neither of us would have complained about for one moment. Definately plan to return in November or March next year as it has become a home from home for me, and somewhere to start the Island part of a Thai trip.

Relax Bay ResortLincon : Better than you can ever imagine

We were lucky enough to turn up without a booking and be offered exquisite accomodation overlooking the pool, the welcome was fantastic and the bungalow really was a home from home. The gardens are stunning and everything is laid out in a way that relaxs one's senses. After two nights we moved to the 'tent' which really felt like ' paradise found' we got to watch flying lizards in the trees whilst waves lapped over the coral reefs, hermit crabs scurried past our front door too! The food was lovely and the beef was very memorable as it was ultra tasty. If you are looking for tranquility, charm and a good price this is the place for you, it certainly does exactly what the name suggests.

Relax Bay Resort Koh Lanta Krabi ThailandFernando : Babylon!

I am still at the Relax Bay, I booked for 4 nights, 5 mins after arrival changed to 8 and I think after 24hourse will extend to 14......
The French / Thai style is awesome, the staff are super friendly as are the Franco/Belgian owners, the food is phenomenal, the location, the pool, the bay. Everything about the place is super cool, relaxed and generally very rustic chich cool. From the music at the very chilled/cool beach bar to the bamboo villas, Everything about this place is spot on. Absolutely spot on.
If you like your nosh and booze you will certainly be very happy, being French/Blegian the owners have got a French/Thai menu with authentic Thai/ French classics. Everything is fantastic and very well priced. Unusually for Thailand the wine is very reasonable too!!!
A cleansing and refreshing Tuna Tartare, ice cool glass of Muscadet followed by a swim in the super little pool, then relaxing by the bay. This really is THE final bay to relax........My Thai tour probably endss here....not sure it gets beter than this!

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